Disaster Recovery

Don’t think about what the contingency plan is when a disaster strikers; let ATCi provide you with a customized solution that will allow you to provide content to your customers regardless what the disaster is.

ATCi’s Southwest operations center is designed for flexibility, while at the same time located in a storm free/earthquake free/hurricane free zone, making it an ideal location as a back-up critical communication facility.

ATCi’s satellite and teleport infrastructure provides an effective solution for delivering the most in-demand applications such as Internet Connectivity, Media Content Storage, Private Networks, 24x7x365 Monitoring, Backhaul, Internet/Data/Fiber Satellite Integration and VoIP services in catastrophic situations.

“The demand for disaster recovery service options and facilities was a high demand topic at the recent PTC conference,”

We have a long history of providing reliable and cost-effective network services to both government/military and commercial entities for voice, data and video requirements in the U.S. and abroad.